[EVENT] "PARA HOOP FES! Vol.3 ~Let's connect! Let's form a circle!~"

We will be exhibiting our works and performing live painting at "PARA HOOP FES! Vol.3 ~Let's connect! Let's form a circle!~", which will be held for two days on May 13th (Sat) and 14th (Sun).
There will be 24 pieces on display, and Honda will perform a live painting of a 6m painting.
Please take this opportunity to get involved with PICFA.
[Event Summary]
"PARA HOOP FES! Vol.3 ~Let's connect! Let's form a circle!~"
Date: Saturday, May 13th and Sunday, May 14th, 2023
The event will be held rain or shine (※In the event of bad weather, the event will be held indoors only)
Organizer: Tachihi Strategy Lab Co., Ltd.
Sponsor: Tachikawa City Social Welfare Council
Cooperation: PICFA/GooTee/Art Brut Tachikawa Executive Committee/
Tachikawa Volunteer and Citizens Activity Center
Planning and management: Imagination Pro Minamikaze
*This event may be changed or canceled without notice.
As a universal charity event at GREEN SPRINGS, we will be holding "PARA HOOP FES! Vol.3 ~Let's connect! Let's form a circle!~".
This event will feature an exhibition of works by artists with disabilities, a Heartful Marche run by welfare workshops in Tachikawa City, Braille experiences, and parasports experiences for wheelchair users, allowing diverse people to share their individual values ​​and interact with each other, resulting in new discoveries.
In addition, original charity T-shirts will be sold, with all profits donated to the Red Feather Community Chest.
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