[EVENTS] PICFA Exhibition at AEON Saga Yamato Museum of Art

AEON Saga Yamato Museum of Art 6th PICFA Exhibition
Approximately 200 items will be on display, including original artwork created specifically for this event, four 10m works, and paintings!
Paintings and sculptures are available for sale, so please come and see them!

◆◆AEON Saga Yamato Museum of Art 6th PICFA Exhibition◆◆
AEON Mall Saga Yamato
(3535 Amedera, Yamato-cho, Saga City, Saga Prefecture)
Specialty store Art Street and Central Court

[Artwork exhibition and sales]
October 12th (Thu) - October 22nd (Sun) 2023
*Until 17:00 on the last day
Exhibits: Works by 20 artists from PICFA and over 200 other pieces of art

[Live Painting]
Date and time: Sunday, October 15, 2023, 11:00-16:00
Content: Three artists from PICFA will paint on a huge 6m canvas installed in the central court.

AEON Saga Yamato Museum of Art's 6th PICFA Exhibition

The event will run for 11 days from Thursday, October 12, 2023.
AEON Mall Saga Yamato (Address: Yamatocho, Saga City, Manager: Atsushi Kawakami), operated by AEON Kyushu Co., Ltd., will be holding the "PICFA Exhibition" as the sixth installment of the "AEON Saga Yamato Museum of Art" for 11 days from Thursday, October 12th to Sunday, October 22nd.
AEON Mall Saga Yamato has been holding the AEON Saga Yamato Museum of Art, a project that connects people through art from Saga, in collaboration with the web magazine SAGARICH, which delivers the lesser known charms of Saga to people around the world, since August 2019.
This sixth instalment will feature works by 20 members of PICFA, Japan's first art-based employment support facility for people with disabilities located within a hospital. PICFA is a Type B facility for people with disabilities that provides continued employment support and was opened in 2017 within the Kiyama Kage Hospital, a 350-year-old medical corporation in Kiyama Town, Saga Prefecture. Centering on creative activities such as painting, design, live painting, murals, and workshops, the facility operates glocally to help users expand their creative activities beyond just "art" to "life."
On Sunday, October 15th, three members of PICFA will be doing a "live painting" event, improvising on a huge 6m canvas. Come and see the moment art is born up close.
Through the planning of the "AEON Saga Yamato Museum of Art," AEON Mall Saga Yamato will continue to work on creating a new shopping center that aims to be a platform for people to interact through art and to disseminate various art created by the people of Saga.

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