[OSAJI×PICFA] ​​Give art as a gift

2022.12.07 .Wed 12:00 OPEN

[OSAJI×PICFA] ​​Give art as a gift

Masaharu Honda ( Honda) Masahiro) created the art.

To commemorate OSAJI x PICFA's "Gift Art," we will be selling a set of an original artwork created specifically for OSAJI and the OSAJI Hand Cream M Collection.

Why not give the gift of art to someone you care about?

[OSAJI x PICFA] ​​Give art as a gift. Click here to see Honda's original art exhibition.

What is OSAJI?

In the Edo period, doctors who served feudal lords and shoguns were called "osaji" (spoon) because they used spoons to prepare medicines. Now that the skin is considered an important organ that controls the body's immune system, the role of skin care goes beyond beauty. Osaji wants to be a modern-day "saji" that designs lifestyles to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.
We take a serious look at the structure and function of the skin, and how it maintains its health and beauty. We use domestically produced plant and plant-derived ingredients, and try to avoid ingredients that pose an allergic risk as much as possible. We offer facial, body, hair, and makeup products.
Click here for OSAJI's website.

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