PIC F A is a facility for people with disabilities that opened within Kiyama Kage Hospital , a medical corporation run by Seimeikai that has been in business for 350 years .

PICFA is a Type B continuous employment support facility where people with disabilities, such as intellectual disabilities, autism, and Down's syndrome, can work in creative activities.
We engage in activities such as painting, design, creating original goods, and planning and implementing events.
The income earned there becomes the wages (salary) of the users (hereinafter referred to as members).

The creative activities of our users are not just "art"
May it extend to your whole life.

At PICFA, we value the mindset of "we can do this" rather than "we can't do this."
A person with a disability is a characteristic, not a "disability itself = a person with a disability." PICFA supports each member to be who they are, making the most of their individuality.

PICFA will be a place where members can become "social beings".
The "individuality" of PICFA members is expressed through the creative activities of art, and is communicated outside the facility. Members' activities foster friendships and relationships with various people, and they become "social beings" that are not limited to the facility or their homes.

Seimeikai Medical Corporation
Welfare service provider for people with disabilities, Type B continuous employment support
Postal code 841-0204
399-1 Miyanoura , Kiyama-cho, Miyaki-gun, Saga Prefecture
Inside Kiyama Kage Clinic
TEL : 0942-92-2650